Minor in Jewish Studies

A minor in Jewish Studies requires 24 credits.

An asterisk(*) denotes the class confers 1-3 HUB credits.

There is one required course: JS 100 World Cultures of the Jews*.

The remaining five courses should include at least one in three of the following four areas:

  1. Sacred Texts and Comparative Traditions

JS 110 Judaism*

JS 120 Bible*

JS 121 Judaism, Christianity, Islam*

JS 210 Hebrew Bible

JS 214 Rabbinic Literature

JS 311 Dead Sea Scrolls

JS 321 Moses

JS 328 Open Heaven

  1. Jewish Literature and Thought

JS 130 Jewish Literature*

JS 244 Early Jewish Mystical Thought 

JS 246 Jewish Mysticism / Kabbalah

JS 330 Hebrew Narrative Biblical and Modern (in Hebrew)

JS 331 Modern Hebrew Poetry (in Hebrew)

JS 340 Classical Jewish Thought

JS 341 Modern Jewish Thought

JS 348 Mysticism and Philosophy: Jewish and Islamic Perspectives

RN 420/PH 409 Maimonides*

  1. History and Holocaust

JS 250 Holy City: Jersusalem in Time, Space and Imagination*

JS 255 Judaism in the Modern Period

JS 260 Holocaust

JS 359 The Modern Jew

JS 366 Fascism and the Holocaust in Italy

JS 367 The Holocaust Through Film*

JS 455 Religion, Community, Culture medieval Spain

JS 460 Seminar on the Holocaust

AR 342/ RN 390 Archaeology in the Holy Land

XL 281/RN 385 Representations of the Holocaust in Literature and Film*

LI 459/ RN 459/ XL 459 Primo Levi Within Holocaust Literature*

RN439 Jewish Bioethics and Holocaust Studies

  1. Contemporary Jewish Societies and Cultures, incl. Israel Studies

JS 100 World Cultures of the Jews*

JS 280 Israeli Popular Music (in Hebrew)

JS 281 Advanced Modern Hebrew: Voices in Israeli Society* (in Hebrew)

JS 283 Israeli Culture Through Film (in English translation)

JS 285 Israel: History, Politics, Culture

JS 286 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict*

JS 377 Gender and Judaism

JS 379 Islamophobia and Anti-semitism

JS 380 Israeli Culture Through Media (in Hebrew)

JS 383 Israeli Culture Through Film (in Hebrew)

Students may count up to two courses in Hebrew language toward the degree in Jewish Studies. These may include any JS or LH course taught in Hebrew.