Other Student Classifications

If you are currently in the US in another immigration classification, you may be eligible to enroll in either full-time or part-time coursework at BU, provided you continue to maintain your legal status. Please note that some immigration classifications, including F-2, B-1/B-2, and WB/WT prohibit full-time study or enrollment in a degree program.

Length of Permitted Stay

Your length of status in the US will depend on your specific immigration classification. Certain statuses are granted for “D/S,” allowing the person to remain for “duration of status.” Alternatively, you may have been admitted until a specific date. Please refer to your most recent I-94 or US entry stamp along with your other immigration documents.


While many immigration categories allow study, keep in mind that you must have US employment authorization if you are granted a work-based financial award, such as a teaching fellowship or research assistantship. US employment varies by immigration category.

If your current immigration status is coming to an end, if your status does not permit full-time/degree study, or if you will receive a financial award and require US employment authorization, you may need to consider changing to F-1 or J-1 student status. The ISSO can help you evaluate whether your current status is appropriate to your academic goals and financial awards, and can offer immigration assistance as needed.