Immigration Rights and Responsibilities of BU Employees in H-1B Status

This information is intended for Boston University (BU) employees who have been approved for employment under the terms of the H-1B temporary worker classification. It summarizes your rights and your responsibilities as an H-1B temporary worker in the United States (U.S.) and outlines both the rules and procedures governing H-1B status that you must follow as our employee and those that we must follow as your employer. The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) will provide additional information, counseling and assistance to help you maintain your lawful immigration status while at BU. As regulations and procedures do change from time to time, we recommend that you contact us and refer to the ISSO website at any time you have questions related to your H-1B employment at BU.

Boston University ISSO is always pleased to provide you with additional information, advising and assistance regarding your immigration status so that you may achieve your program goals at Boston University. 

A list of International Scholar Advisors can be found at: