Immigration Rights and Responsibilities Students in F-1 Status

This handout summarizes important rights and responsibilities you have as an F-1 student in relation to United States government immigration regulations, and identifies situations for which you should seek assistance from the ISSO. It will not detail all of the actual procedures required for you to take advantage of immigration benefits, but gives an important overview of what you need to know. The ISSO will provide additional information, counseling and assistance to help you maintain your lawful immigration status and achieve your educational goals while at Boston
University. As regulations and procedures do change from time to time, the ISSO will inform you of substantial changes via BU email or on the ISSO website at

As your F-1 program sponsor, Boston University ISSO is always pleased to provide you with additional information, advising and assistance regarding your immigration status so that you may achieve your academic goals at Boston University.

A list of International Student Advisors (all approved F-1 Designated School

Officials) can be found at:

We look forward to working with you during your time on campus!