Employees with Independent Authorization

There are many US immigration categories that allow a person to apply for work permission. The length, type, and limits of work permission vary by immigration category. Examples include:

  • Employment authorized by USCIS with an Employment Authorization Document (EAD): F-1 Optional Practical Training, work authorization for J-2, L-2, or E-2 dependents, work authorization based on a pending application for US permanent residence.
  • Employment authorized by sponsoring F-1 school or J-1 program sponsor: This includes F-1 Curricular Practical Training and J-1 Student Academic Training.


If your status in the US allows for employment authorization through an EAD or other authorization, you must apply for work authorization and receive your approval before commencing BU employment. If you are sponsored by another school or program in F-1 or J-1 status, please consult with the office that oversees your current student/scholar status to discuss your eligibility for employment authorization.

Length of Permitted Stay and Employment

The length of your permitted stay in the US varies by immigration category. Your period of employment authorization may be shorter than the length of your authorized stay. Please pay careful attention to the end date of your EAD or other employment authorization as well as the end date of your I-94 or US entry stamp and other related immigration documents.


Once you have obtained employment authorization based on your current status, you may be eligible to accept a BU research or faculty appointment or offer of employment without the need for immigration sponsorship from the ISSO. You are required to present yourself, along with valid US employment authorization and a copy of your academic appointment or job offer letter, to the ISSO to complete your I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification no later than your third day of employment at BU.

If your current immigration status is coming to an end or if it does not permit US employment, you may need to consider changing to another scholar status. The ISSO can help you evaluate whether your current status is appropriate to your academic appointment or employment offer, and can offer immigration assistance as needed.