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  • Energy & Climate Thought Leadership Webcast: Peter Fox-Penner and Gavin Dillingham,” Center for Houston’s Future (July 27)
  • Energy Policy Seminar: Peter Fox-Penner on “Power after Carbon,” ENRP / HUCE / MRCBG Energy Policy Seminar Series (February 1)
  • Transmission Time — Planning for the Future: FERC’s Opportunity to Spur More Cost-Effective Transmission Infrastructure, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (January 27)
  • Clean-Energy and Grid Infrastructure Investing: Accelerating the End of Fossil Fuels, gridCONNEXT (December 10)
  • New Utility Business Models, Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), GridwiseAlliance, and Grid Forward (The Working Group Collaborative) (December 1)
  • Power After Carbon: Findings and Insights for State Policymakers, CleanEnergy States Alliance (September 9)
  • A Conversation with Peter Fox-Penner: COVID-19’s Impact on Energy and Environment Perceptions, Energy Institute, University of Texas at Austin (August 11)
  • Power After Carbon: Transitioning to Low-Carbon Power in the United States, Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University (July 29), with slide deck
  • NRRI Author Spotlight: Dr. Peter Fox-Penner, Power After Carbon, NARUC Summer Policy Summit (July 16)
  • Power After Carbon: Building a Clean, Resilient Grid, Edison Electric Institute (May 21)
  • Driva 2020 Climate Investment Talks: How Renewable Power Impacts the Grid, Nysnø Klimainvesteringer (May 21)
  • New Business Models for Electrification, NECEC (May 6), with slide deck
  • All Topics (October 19 through December 31)

    Thursday, October 21

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    Wednesday, November 17

    • 9:00 AM Environmental Risks and Power Plant Suspension

      Energy investment is crucial to accelerating a global sustainable energy transition. Nevertheless, not all investments are successful. From her research of Chinese overseas investments in the power sector over


    Friday, December 3