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Climate disruption is one of the most critical social, economic, and political challenges of the 21st century.

Over the past half-decade, we have established the ISE’s reputation for analyses with real-world impact—bridging the gap between calls for action, sustainable energy research, and readiness for change. We have published leading-edge research and brought to light concepts that are helping business leaders, energy providers, financial markets, and public policymakers to develop and implement equitable and effective decarbonization strategies around the world.

For more information on specific giving opportunities, please contact:
Jyothsna Buddharaju
BU Development & Alumni Relations

Giving Opportunities

Now we want to do more, and we need your help. There are many ways for donors to sustain and strengthen our work at different levels. These include opportunities to support both the ISE’s research and engagement initiatives to help translate our findings into key policy changes.

Our work is focused on six core and emerging ISE research areas:

  • Sustainable cities
  • The utility of the future/grid decarbonization
  • New mobility
  • Sustainable water management
  • ESG investing
  • Climate communication