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Jobs for Boston University Graduate Students Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sustainable Energy Business Models and Policy ISE director Peter Fox-Penner teaches this course, PL851 in the Questrom School of Business this Fall. The course surveys businesses, technologies, policies, and business models in the main areas of clean energy, with a guest speaker from industry every week. The course meets at 6.30 pm […]

Will Autonomous Vehicles be Electric?

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are quickly moving from science fiction to reality. Although many experts predict all AVs will be electric-powered, the future is uncertain, and a future of gasoline-powered AVs could be disastrous.

Long-term Transportation Electricity Use: Estimates & Policy Observations

“Can the electric grid accommodate a future with autonomous electric vehicles? What are the GHG emission implications of this future? How should policy makers grapple with these new technologies?” These are the questions posed by Boston University’s ISE director Peter Fox Penner and researchers Will Gorman and Jennifer Hatch in their new paper published in […]

BU Hosts International Mayors Climate Summit

Energy expert Cutler Cleveland, a College of Arts & Sciences professor of earth and environment, participated in a panel on sustainable energy for the day-long event, which featured appearances by former secretary of state John Kerry and convened more than 20 mayors from across the globe to discuss approaches to combating climate change.