Our Approach

Interdisciplinary Research

The wholesale transformation of our global energy systems cuts across many sectors. The ISE’s approach to climate mitigation spans many disciplines, departments, and colleges at Boston University, encompassing research as diverse as engineering, business, science, and communications to develop interconnected solutions. We also collaborate with other energy research centers around the world.

Policy Analysis

The ISE works at all scales of climate action, evaluating the complex interplay of policies at the local, state, national, and international levels. Our research portfolio illuminates how these policies can both support and challenge sustainability initiatives to find pathways forward.

Collaborative Engagement

Our research is impact-focused, connecting top academics in sustainable energy and related fields with industry leaders, utilities, and policymakers to identify actionable decarbonization strategies. We draw on extensive real-world data and stakeholder insights to understand the key dynamics of climate mitigation planning, including where and how to curb carbon emissions, financing energy transitions, and social equity impact.