On-Demand Webinar | Cool, Climate-safe Cities: New Solutions & Research

ISE Energy of the Future Webinar

As climate change becomes an ever-greater threat, keeping our cities cooler to improve health and reduce emissions is an increasing priority. This webinar explores advances in research, new building and paving materials, and new policies that can make our cities more livable and safer for the climate. Hosted by the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy as part of this fall’s Energy of the Future series focus on decarbonizing the built environment.

Recording (October 1, 2021)


  • Greg Kats, Founder & CEO, Smart Surfaces Coalition and President, Capital E
    Kats has played substantial roles in developing the clean energy and green building industries, and is a long-time thought leader and investor in the transition to a low carbon economy. He is the author of Greening Our Built World; Costs Benefits and Strategies. Kats presents keynote remarks on transformative “smart surface” city projects, spotlighting Baltimore, MD, to cost effectively and equitably make cities both greener and cleaner.

  • Lucy R. Hutyra, Professor of Earth & Environment, Boston University
    Dr. Hutyra is Boston University’s leading expert on urban forestry. Her nationally funded research lab investigates carbon dynamics in forest systems and urban areas, studying a range of topics including forest ecology, urban carbon and nitrogen cycling, land use change impact on ecosystem productivity, fossil fuel emission patterns and determinants, and climatic controls on ecosystem carbon exchange. Hutyra shares research on nature-based urban climate solutions.

  • Rao Mulpuri, CEO, View
    Mulpuri has served as CEO of View since 2008. Prior to View Inc., he held several executive positions at Novellus Systems, most recently as President of Novellus Systems Japan, and Vice President/General Manager of the Integrated Metals Business. Dr. Mulpuri holds a PhD in Materials Engineering and an MS in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University. Mulpuri discusses technology innovations, including smart windows.

  • Jennifer Roberts, former Mayor of Charlotte, NC and Smart Surfaces Coalition Steering Committee member
    Roberts has been a life-long advocate for clean air and water and for environmental justice. As mayor of Charlotte, NC, she signed the Mayor’s Climate Pledge and introduced a Clean Energy Resolution for the City of Charlotte. Roberts speaks to the role of policymaking in climate mitigation strategies.

  • Katharine Lusk, Co-Director and Founding Executive Director, Boston University Initiative on Cities (moderator)
    Lusk spearheads university-wide programs and research devoted to smart cities and the urban environment, including the annual Menino Survey of Mayors conducted by the Initiative on Cities. Lusk served as a Policy Advisor to the late Boston Mayor Tom Menino and now serves on the Boston Women’s Workforce Council as an appointee of former Mayor Marty Walsh.

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Presented in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council.

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Event co-sponsored by the Boston University Initiative on Cities and the student-run Energy & Sustainability Club.