RESEARCH ON TAP – Accelerating the Energy Transition: Transformative Pathways to Decarbonization and Sustainability

As the effects of climate change increase in frequency and severity, the need to curb greenhouse gas emissions is more pressing than ever. Globally, the fossil-fuel dependent energy sector is the top source of emissions.

At this Research on Tap, Boston University faculty and researchers affiliated with the Institute for Sustainable Energy discuss solutions and challenges for accelerating our energy future, including electric vehicle infrastructure, emerging technologies, just transitions to clean energy, sustainable water management, and the relationship between technological innovation and environmental regulation.

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Gloria Waters, Vice President and Associate Provost for Research

Peter Fox-Penner, Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) and Professor of Practice, QST


  • Methane Emissions Detection: Technology vs Regulation
    Robert Kleinberg, PhD, Senior Fellow, ISE and Principal, Presidio Energy Technology
  • Melting the ICE: The Critical Role of Public Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
    Z. Justin Ren, PhD, Associate Professor, Operations and Technology Management, QST
  • Coordination of Renewable Generation and New Loads
    Michael Caramanis, PhD, CEESI Co-Director and Professor, ENG
  • Understanding Interfacial Stability in High Energy Density Batteries
    Emily Ryan, PhD, Associate Director, ISE and Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, ENG
  • Improving Sustainability of Commercial Buildings
    Michael Gevelber, PhD, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, ENG
  • How Do You Decarbonize 86,000 Buildings?
    Cutler J. Cleveland, PhD, Associate Director, ISE and Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS
  • The Population Health Consequences of the Energy Transition: The Home and Built Environment
    Jon Levy, ScD, Professor, Environmental Health, SPH
  • Nature-based Climate Solutions?
    Lucy R. Hutyra, PhD, Associate Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS
  • Sustainable Water Management
    Jacqueline Ashmore, PhD, Executive Director, ISE and Research Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, ENG
  • Framing the Practice of Just Transitions
    David O. Jermain, MS, Associate Director and Research Fellow, ISE
  • Looking Forward
    Jacqueline Ashmore, PhD, Executive Director and Research Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, ENG

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