Leading Cities through Crisis

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Featuring Keynote Addresses by  Initiative on Cities (IOC) Co-Director and former Mayor of Boston Thomas Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Lessons From the Boston Marathon began with an inside perspective on the executive leadership in the immediate aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy. Throughout the day, panels focused on key themes in the City of Boston’s response to the Marathon attacks, including:

  • Caring Amid Crisis: External Response and Internal Recovery
  • Crisis Reporting: The Media’s Role in Making Sense of Tragedy
  • Revitalizing Business: Getting “Back to Boylston”
  • Healing a City: Lessons From the Survivor Community

Panelists featured experts and practitioners, bringing together urban leaders and private industry and health care professionals to discuss how Boston responded so effectively to tragedy, and how other cities can learn from this experience.

An afternoon Keynote by former Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis, a major figure in the security response in the hours, days, and weeks following the attack, provided a compelling perspective on the approach to public safety in the wake of the tragedy. Tom Grilk, Executive Director of the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), closed the Conference with an account of the BAA’s experience in the year following the 2013 Marathon and a call for people in Boston and beyond to “run again.”

Kenneth Feinberg, Administrator of the One Fund, served as the Lunch Keynote Speaker, examining the immense physical, emotional, and logistical challenges that face a city recovering from tragedy. Feinberg experience with the One Fund, in addition to other recovery funds for events including  the September 11th attacks and the Sandy Hook shooting, leave him uniquely qualified to speak on the difficult but necessary task of leading a community into a brighter future by helping the victims and survivors most in need.

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