Author: Patricia Cahill

Introducing our 2018/2019 NLC Menino Fellow

The Initiative on Cities is pleased to announce Adam Bieda (Boston University Class of 2019) as our 2018 – 2019 National League of Cities (NLC) Menino Fellow. Adam is a graduating senior pursuing a Duel Degree in English and Economics. Through this Fellowship, Adam will spend the fall semester paired with a faculty member in […]

2018 Manchester Fellow Reflects on Her Summer

Given my conviction that housing should be a basic human right, the timing of my work in Greater Manchester couldn’t have been any better. Greater Manchester’s newly elected Mayor, Andy Burnham, is actively working to address Manchester’s growing homelessness crisis. Since 2010, some estimate that the number of people sleeping on the streets has gone […]

Providence Fellow Shares His Summer

This summer I worked as the Boston University Initiative on Cities Fellow for the City of Providence’s Department of Innovation. The Department of Innovation works with internal and external stakeholders to streamline the delivery of city services, promote public entrepreneurship, and enhance citizen engagement, to ensure Providence is a “City that Works” for its residents […]

Imagining a More Playful Boston

“Wanna come over and play?,” five-year old me asked my best friend on the phone. What, exactly, we were going to “play” wasn’t defined—at that age, everything had the potential to be playful, from toys and games to cardboard boxes to sticks. As we grow older, and as we become more scheduled, some of that […]

2018 Manchester Fellow Shares Her Summer

2018 Manchester Fellow Elizabeth Champion spent a summer with GMCA’s Planning and Housing Research Team. From the inception of its textiles industry, Manchester has been an engine of industry-led innovation, defining the city as a center of economic and institutional development. Manchester’s origin as a pioneer of development influenced its decision to devolve from national […]

2018 Urban Research Award: The Effects of Ethnically Segregated Urban Neighborhoods

The Effects of Ethnically Segregated Urban Neighborhoods: Evidence from Malaysia’s New Villages Economics Ph.D. candidate Jia De Gedeon Lim will conduct a study of the impact of the “New Village Program” in British Malaya on the current urban prosperity and interethnic preferences of urban dwellers in Malaysia. Specifically, he will examine the effects of long-run […]

NLC Menino Fellow Augustine Jimenez Completes Fellowship

Each year, the Initiative on Cities provides one Boston University undergraduate student with the opportunity to explore an interest in public service, city-level programs and policies, and municipal leadership on behalf of children, youth, and families through an on-campus Directed Study and semester-long paid internship in the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the National League of […]

2018 Urban Research Award: Impact of Natural Disasters on City Integrity

Economics PhD candidate Giovanna Marcolongo aims to use statistical analysis to examine the relationship between emergencies—defined as municipalities’ declaration of a “state of emergency”—and corruption in local government, particularly focusing on public procurement outcomes. In order to determine this correlation, Marcolongo will investigate whether municipalities in a “state of emergency” are more likely to award […]