The Frontlines Project: Examining Health Care Technological Innovation and Adaptation During COVID-19

This research supported in part by Innovate@BU and the University of Pennsylvania Medicine to understand how COVID-19 is changing the way healthcare professionals utilize technology, innovate, share ideas, problem-solve and conduct their work.

If you are a healthcare professional interested in participating in a short, anonymous phone call or video interview, please contact

We are interested in understanding:

  • Engagement with new types of technology (e.g., telemedicine)
  • Changes in organizational policies and procedures
  • New ways of learning (e.g., use of social media to share information)
  • New innovations developed to address scarce resources
  • New ways of testing, modes of treatments, and patient care

 Am I a fit for this study?

All health professionals licensed to work in the United States are encouraged to participate in this study, regardless of gender, role, tenure, age, and geography. We seek a diversity of participants.

What is expected?

We will schedule an interview with you, with the expectation of 30 minutes, conducted over the phone, Skype or Zoom. All participants and their employers will be kept anonymous and unidentifiable. Informed consent will be obtained by the principal investigator before each subject participates in an interview. All interviews will be transcribed and if agreeable, recorded.

What is to be gained from participation?

We will code the data to identify broad themes suitable for both practice and scholarly publication. This would include sharing best practices we identify through the study with your medical community. We realize this is a busy time for all healthcare professionals, but feel that collecting this data contemporaneously as it is experienced will provide a valuable contribution to our understanding of how to adapt in a crisis. From our experience, interview participants often gain new insight from sharing their stories.

Interviews will be conducted through June 1st, 2021.

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