Elective Categories

The course options that make up the Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor can be divided into three main categories.

1. Entrepreneurship (Choose 1-3)

General Entrepreneurship courses teach students how to identify and scope a viable idea or concept that addresses a genuine need and obtain resources to responsibly nurture, support, and grow its development. All students must pick one entrepreneurship course, and can take up to three.
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2. Creating Impact: Domains of Interest (Choose 0-3 courses)

These courses go deep into a subject domain where students aim to apply their idea, such as social innovation, arts, environment, or global development. Students are not required to take any courses from this category, and may take up to three.
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3. Innovator’s Toolkit (Choose 0-3 courses. Comm students – up to 1)

These courses teach students the skills needed to execute on their idea by researching, managing, developing, leading, communicating, and technically or legally launching their idea into the world.
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