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Finalist, 2022 Cannabis Competition

  • Title Finalist, 2022 Cannabis Competition

Tukano was a finalist in the 2022 Cannabis Startup Competition.

Problem: Colombia has been experiencing a boom in license and cannabis enterprise creation since 2017 when the commercial legalization efforts started. Still, farmers struggle to capture the market: a lack of competence in technology and logistics leads to low product quality and supply chain errors. Large competitors that cultivate and harvest limit our ability to gain a market presence. Producers have an overproduction of cannabis flowers and derivatives with no cash flow to keep sustained growth.

Solution: Tukano links investors, service providers, customers, and cannabis producers in a single ecosystem to simplify operations in the industry, creating synergic relationships powered by AI. The convergence of IIoT, sensor/data fusion, cloud computing, XR, and machine learning breaks geographical barriers and puts the fourth industrial revolution in the hands of local farmers. Investors, customers, and ancillaries will access all the ancestral knowledge collected by our farmers on the field in a snap.

Team: Andrea Rosales (QST’22) and Juan David Bolaños

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