Taha H. Ababou

First-Year Innovation Fellowship

  • Title First-Year Innovation Fellowship
  • Education ENG’24
Originally from Morocco, Taha had quite a unique and dynamic childhood. He attended an American School at the age of three until his freshman year and later transferred to an international boarding school pursuing his academics under the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. He is now quadrilingual, fluently speaking in French, Arabic, English, and Spanish.
In high school, Taha developed a free language learning platform called QuickLang to help young French speakers learn English and donated it to a non-profit organization. Taha also released a research paper that studied the properties of quantum physics for providing ways in improving the efficiency and speed of current transportation systems. He firmly believes that the key to creating a promising future for the coming generations, scientists and engineers must focus on sustainability and ways to conserve energy efficiently, rather than leaving it to go to waste.
Taha is now a freshman attending Boston University, majoring in Computer Engineering. After graduation, Taha hopes to focus his studies on artificial intelligence and nanorobotics.

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