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Finalist, 2022 Cannabis Competition

  • Title Finalist, 2022 Cannabis Competition

MPS was a finalist in the 2022 Cannabis Startup Competition.

Problem: Manufacturers of cannabis products operate in an uncertain and rapidly changing industry; their product is subject to several restrictions and constraints. Marketing is limited and taxation is aggressive. As with all CPGs, competition is high and consumer switching costs are low. MPS offers its clients the ability to be agile in their product development and roll out processes, giving them a competitive advantage in the markets.

Solution: How many things happen behind the scenes for you to open a can of coke you bought at 7-eleven for $2? How many things happen for that coke to taste the same every single time. We know the magic behind this, at least the difficult part. Our team has years of experience in Product R&D for the FMCG industry, specializing in highly regulated Consumer Packaged Goods(CPG). We offer both off-the-shelf products and tailor-made solutions. We help companies manufacture the best version of their products.

Team: Esteban de la Vega (MET’23)

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