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Finalist, 2022 Cannabis Competition

  • Title Finalist, 2022 Cannabis Competition

Insphigher was a finalist in the 2022 Cannabis Startup Competition.

Problem: The problem is threefold. 1. Current online cannabis communities are fragmented, disorganized, and unattractive. 2. Most social media apps utilize photo and video as their main sharing method, which not only has a negative impact on mental health, but is cliché at this point. There’s more sophisticated ways to share information. 3. No user-friendly platform exists for cannabis users to share and/or collaborate. And that’s the biggest problem.

Solution: A survey about cannabis & creativity shows that 83% of cannabis users want to feel inspired when they’re high. Over 60% say they get “highdeas”, or silly, creative, even intelligent ideas when high. Yet, no easily accessible or enticing platform exists for the cannabis community to access/provide such material. Insphigher is home for high people to share their ideas and experiences while “above the influence”, connect with like-minded users to bring ideas to life, & maybe even get rewarded for it.

Team: Belle Bryan (COM, QST’22)

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