How to Use the Power of Your Authentic Story to Move Your Venture Forward – Story Slam Takeaways

On March 15, our Innovator in Residence Jonathan Allen hosted an inspiring evening at the BUild Lab all about the power of storytelling. Special guests included Palveshey Tariq, serial entrepreneur, educator, and mindfulness coach; Connor Schoen, co-founder & ED of Breaktime; and Derrick Young Jr., co-founder & ED of Leadership Brainery.

The speakers shared their personal stories – complete with triumphs and struggles – and how they leveraged those stories to build ventures that they love.

Below are their top two storytelling tips for how you can do the same.

Share your light with others.

Authentically sharing your story can inspire others to take actions in their own lives. Remember that when we help flame the candles of others, we get more light to see clearer and farther as a whole.

We are love.

When we open up and relate to others, it sets the stage to allow them to feel comfortable because they feel seen and heard. No one likes feeling alone. Letting them know we are by their sides allows everyone to learn and grow together. A little compassion and understanding never hurt anybody.

– Palveshey Tariq

Focus on moments, not long periods of time.

When you talk about your story and the stories of folx you serve, focus on specific moments. When you talk about things in abstraction, your audience tends to lose attention. What is a specific moment that tells the story you are trying to tell? What is a specific moment that inspired you to do what you are doing?

Leverage stories to demonstrate your proximity to the issue.

Stories are a method to show how you relate to the issue that you are trying to address. What are you trying to do, and how does your own experience relate to this?

– Connor Schoen

Let your passion drive your voice.

When people feel your passion and authenticity, they can better gauge your confidence in and commitment to your venture. The only way to do this effectively is to share your experiences, outcomes, successes — your authentic story.

Let go of individualism and embrace collectivism.

You did not create your venture to neglect involving others or keep your experiences and successes to yourself. The goal is to mobilize communities to gain more customers or stakeholders and ultimately make a greater impact. You never know which part of your story someone will connect with or what part they will share with the masses.

– Derrick Young Jr.

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