*Innovation Week 2020 Canceled*

Due to the spread of COVID-19, BU is moving classes online through the end of the spring semester. Innovation week 2020 has been canceled but we encourage students and BU community members to join us on our virtual programs including office hours and workshops.


Since 2018, Innovation Week at BU hosted over 25 unique events across the University including a tour through Boston’s cultural entrepreneurship centers, an interactive performance theatre workshops, a mini-hackathon bringing together graphic design and computer science students, a day-long AR/VR tech festival, and awarding the annual Student Innovator of the Year.

Whether these events were informative or interactive, they created a platform for members of the BU community to highlight their work and projects or inspire new ideas.

In 2020, we look forward to celebrating the University’s partnerships, ventures, movements, and projects that fuel energy into the BU community, inspiring us to transform new, innovative ideas into impact. Check out the details below to learn how you can get involved as an event host! 

Whatever form innovation takes in your class, life, career, major, or student club, we want to celebrate it during Innovation Week at BU! Aside from attending an Innovation Week event, here are a few suggestions for how faculty, students, staff, and alums can participate:

  • Faculty could consider opening up their classrooms the week of April 13th to the BU Community and incorporating an open conversation focused on innovation and transforming ideas to impact.
  • Researchers and members of the University’s cutting-edge institutes could host an event to present their work on some of the world’s toughest challenges like climate change, economic development, and global health.
  • Host an innovative BU alum or speaker in class, at your school/college, or a student club meeting.
  • Have a Pitch Practice session in class or during a student club meeting. Open the event up to the BU community for feedback or advice!
  • Present a social challenge to your class or student club and work together to come up with new, creative solutions. Present your ideas in class or open it up to the BU community!
  • Hold a class or club meeting in an innovative space like the BUild Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center.
  • Screen a film or host an art show – maybe it’s a documentary about innovation in a specific field or artwork that modifies traditional methods and materials.

Don’t overthink it!

Don’t feel pressured to re-work your class or club calendar to make it fit the timing of Innovation Week at BU.

  • Our intention is not to make more work for staff and students.
  • We see this week as one of many ways to highlight innovations happening across campus year-round!