24 Teams Advance to the New Venture Competition Semi-Finals

March 10, 202 1– Twenty-four teams of BU students and recent alumni will advance to the New Venture Competition semi-finals. The competition began with an open application in which 86 teams applied with start-up ideas ranging from new technology, media platforms, nonprofits, and more. The applications were reviewed by a judging panel of staff, faculty, and community experts who ultimately chose 41 teams to present two-minute pitches during the Round 1 Pitch Nights on March 4 and 9.

The following teams will prepare Round 2: Semi-finals where they will present a 10-minute pitch to a panel of external judges including entrepreneurs and innovation experts. The semi-finals and final pitches will be closed to the public, but all are invited to the  New Venture Competition Finale event on Friday, April 16 where the top three cash prize winners in each track will be announced. Details about the finale event will be shared in the coming weeks.

General Track: 

  • A-OK is an AI-driven healthcare platform that guides patients through surgery, directly increasing post-surgical outcomes for patients, and clinical efficiency for physicians. Team lead: Aryan Wadhwa (CAS’24, MED’27)

  • Airflow Seating System Technologies’ goal is to develop and create a cushioning system that utilizes sensing technology to guide pressure movement, eliminating the need for caretaker intervention in pressure injury prevention for people with compromised mobility. Embedded sensing capabilities will also provide healthcare professionals with metrics that allow for a more proactive and comprehensive diagnostics process, changing the way patients are monitored. Team lead: Cooper Shifrin (ENG’22)

  • BuzzButton brings low-cost, portable electricity generation to people who are permanently or temporarily off-grid, so everyone can freely use consumer electronics. Team lead: Debarshi Basak (ENG’22)

  • CoStudy is the next generation of peer evaluations that provide customizable, research-based insights for professors in higher education. Team lead: Brock Nelson (ENG’22)

  • Go Off! is the first and only emerging social platform that hosts small live-chat discussions that are moderated to encourage meaningful debate and discussions around current events and news that is happening now. Team lead: Glo Robinson (COM’22)

  • INTA+ Tutoring is an online tutoring platform connecting struggling students with tutors that have taken and aced their exact courses and their very own university. Team lead: Ben Reydler (Questrom’22)

  • Mount uses its IOT smart lock and fleet management system to launch electric scooters at Airbnb and vacation rental properties. Team lead: Rishab Nayak (GRS’21)

  • Phonetic Beats teaches phonetic literacy to small children using trap/music music. Team lead: Faith Rogers (CFA’22)

  • ProjectH is a friend to help you find the perfect home away from home. Team lead: Rachana Krishna (Questrom’22)

  • Dialysis-X is developing a novel needle-less venous access device that guarantees safer and easier dialysis experience, without the complications associated with the current care standard. Team lead: Oluwagbebemi Oyeniyi (ENG’20)

  • Sky International Music Education provides online music lessons from teachers around the world and students in China. Team lead: Zhuqing Zhang (CFA’22)

  • SONOflammation is a bioelectronics startup aimed at preventing and treating patients chronic or acute kidney rejection. Its device is a closed-loop system that integrates biomarker monitoring with an ultrasound stimulator to evoke anti-inflammatory effects. Team lead: Shen Ning (MED’23)

Social Impact Track: 

  • Agriworks is a collection of open-source design tools to help policy researchers create decentralized agriculture policy in India. It aims to shift the current paradigm of the slow centralized policy-making process to a more tailored rapid local policymaking paradigm driven by data generated by students, startups, non-profits, and farmer cooperatives. Team lead: Dakota Clark-Singh (CAS’21)

  • Athlete Future Foundation aims to provide American athletes with the skills and resources necessary to ensure their employment in a fulfilling profession following retirement. Team lead: Bente Backer (CAS’22)

  • Breaking Barriers is a free mentorship program to support international students applying to undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States that aims to bring students together, share their stories, give advice and keep breaking barriers. Team lead: Raissa Zuim Dantas de Souza (MED’21)

  • BreastFeeding Culture’s mission is to promote and support evidence-based nutritional practices on a global scale to improve health outcomes for infants and children. It strives to take into account cultural differences and norms to provide socially and culturally appropriate education surrounding best feeding practices. Team lead: Melissa Ghulam-Smith (MED’21)

  • Hood Renovationz is a team of three seeking to improve housing needs for lifelong renters in inhabitable places. Team lead: Daisy Figueroa (LAW’21)

  • RefEd is a mobile, interactive app designed specifically for refugee students without consistent access to education. Team lead: Albert Jimenez (Wheelock’21)

  • SpecGraphixEDU offers in-person and online creativity-based classes for kids ages 5 to 12. It aims to end institutionalized oppression of creativity in schools and give kids the platform to be creative and explore niche subjects absent in schools. Team lead: Eric Hansen (COM’21)

  • Stories of Survival is a multimedia platform that calls us to consider the sacred stories of gender and sexually diverse survivors as they exist outside of religious institutions. Team lead: Jeremy Shulz (STH’21)

  • The Stateless Collective trains students for studying, working, researching, and volunteering abroad through online modules and an ethically oriented community platform. Team lead: Hailey Hart-Thompson (CAS’21, COM’21)

  • The Sweaty Penguin is a comedy environmental podcast aiming to make environmental issues less politicized and more accessible and fun. Team lead: Ethan Brown (CAS’21, COM’21)

  • Turn In. Reach Out. Well Being and Communal Care Totes are available in English and Spanish, and contain resources for an entire family to learn and practice meditation, community building, expressive arts, and emotional intelligence. Team lead: Kimberly Bress (STH’21)

  • Viinko is making time management and organization education accessible for all students. Viinko integrates into a school’s curriculum, making the essential life skills or time management and organization a part of every student’s education. Team lead: Victoria Kinnealey (Questrom’21)

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