Partnering With Us

Partnerships are central to the work of the Institute.  These begin with the schools, centers and programs within Boston University. We welcome collaboration with organizations across the spectrum in furtherance of our mission.

We work with:

  • Established leaders in the industry, across the entire range of activities, including bio-pharmaceuticals, medical devices, service delivery, and health insurance, to support innovation and system change.
  • Innovative entrepreneurial start-ups and their angel, venture, and private equity partners, to support and leverage the creation of new value in the system.
  • Government at the national, state and local level, to study and evaluate current programs, develop value-creating demonstration projects and initiatives, and use evidence to inform public policy creation and improvement.
  • Foundations and think-tanks to create new and integrative approaches to improving the healthcare system.
  • Other academic institutions to further common goals of using research and analysis to inform policy, design and practice, based on evidence.

If you are interested in developing a partnership with the Institute, and represent academia, government, or industry, please contact Jonathan Woodson, MD. For other inquiries, or to receive more information about the Institute, please contact us at