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Who We Are

The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy is a major, University-wide institute that brings together the broad and deep capacities of Boston University to provide value in addressing the challenges of the health sector in the United States and globally.

The work of the Institute includes facilitating and delivering high quality research and education, always with the goal of creating real-world impact.  We link together a comprehensive group of healthcare-related schools and specialty programs, operating within the global healthcare hub of Boston, based in Massachusetts, a national and international leader in innovation.

The Institute is committed to research and education to support the development and deployment of capabilities to produce effective and efficient healthcare delivery, optimal health outcomes, and better population health. It uses analytic tools and evidence-based study to improve the value creation across all elements of the healthcare system. 

Dr. Jonathan Woodson is the founding Director of the Institute. He brings an exceptional ability to bridge research, education, management, business, clinical practice, and public policy.  His integration of arenas that typically function in isolation underlies the unique approach of the Institute to creating positive impact.

Explore our latest Annual Report for a look at the Institute’s past year of activity.

The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy will:

  • Drive innovation through interdisciplinary expertise and research that promotes effective generation, incubation, facilitation, development, and cross-linking of ideas and disciplines.
  • Identify opportunities to solve immediately relevant health and healthcare delivery problems as well as forecast emerging healthcare delivery issues with data-driven solutions.
  • Support progressive innovation while seeking development of disruptive technologies to drive quantum improvement in health and healthcare.
  • Exert global influence for positive change in population health and healthcare.
  • Leverage the broad expertise of the Boston University academic community to achieve these goals. The value of the Institute lies in the effective coordination of diverse disciplines including basic science, engineering, sociology, business, psychology, education, law, medicine, public policy, economics, and public health. These will lead to novel research, innovation, and comprehensive solutions to problems affecting health and healthcare delivery, and ultimately healthcare outcomes.
  • Provide a platform for student and faculty research and education.
  • Advance the development of sophisticated simulation models for problem solving in healthcare and healthcare delivery and become a leader in promoting and developing learning healthcare systems.

Vision, Mission, and Values


A premier multi-disciplinary institute transforming health and health care delivery through research and innovation in technology, system design, leadership, digital health, and policy.


To transform health and health care delivery in the United States and globally. We are dedicated to creating healthcare systems that are safe, effective, patient-centered, equitable, connected, and high performing.


Our values emphasize the following core activities and concerns.

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Value Creation
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Leadership


The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy is a University-wide interdisciplinary Institute reporting to the University Provost through the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research, and to the Dean of the Questrom School of Business, for administrative support.

Annual Reports

We welcome you to explore our past years’ projects, events, and achievements. Click here for earlier Annual Reports.