The 51 Percent Project

How we talk about climate change can help solve the crisis

Addressing climate change on a global scale cannot happen without effective, appropriate communication that inspires systemic action. The 51 Percent Project, founded by Institute for Global Sustainability Senior Fellow Sarah Finnie, references the growing majority of Americans who now say they are alarmed about the threat of climate change. The 51 Percent Project identifies data-driven best practices for effective communication and leverages behavior science to provide a robust multimedia resource designed for elected leaders, universities, investors, corporations, media, and others in their efforts to explain the threat of climate change and drive exponential action.

Communication Principles → 8 Ways to Get Started

These principles are developed from peer-reviewed literature by scientific experts.

  1. Talk about it
  2. Use trusted messengers
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Lighten up
  5. Respect the science
  6. Share reliable resources
  7. Land the one-two punch
  8. Use compelling images