Power & People Symposium: Mapping Community Exposure to Energy Infrastructure

  • Starts9:00 am on Tuesday, May 7, 2024
  • Ends4:00 pm on Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Insights from a first-of-its-kind database for healthy and just energy transitions.

Energy infrastructure surrounds us — yet communities are often surprised to learn what types of fossil fuel hazards their neighborhoods are exposed to and how their health may be impacted. Some bear the biggest burden as environmental justice hotspots that are disproportionately affected.

Understanding the legacy of these fossil fuel exposures (and who is exposed to what) is critical to a healthy and just energy transition.

Join us for the Power & People Symposium featuring Boston University researchers who have spent the last year developing a new database that takes a far more expansive view of energy infrastructure exposures in the United States than ever before. The research team will share early findings from their work to comprehensively map community exposure across a complex system of energy sources and the supply chain, all in one place for the first time.

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We look forward to discussing how the Energy Infrastructure Exposure Intensity and Equity Indices [EI3] Database for Public Health will be an actionable public tool to support inter-agency policymaking and interdisciplinary research that reflects the connection between energy and health.

The symposium will take place in the greenest building in BU's history and one of the most sustainable buildings in New England.

Hosted by the BU Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS) and BU School of Public Health, which jointly funded this project through a Sustainability Research Grant.

BU Center for Computing & Data Sciences, 665 Commonwealth Avenue, 17th Floor, Room 1750, Boston

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