Research for People & Planet Webinar Series | Investigating Consumer Interest in Circular Take-Back Programs

  • Starts11:00 am on Friday, February 16, 2024
  • Ends11:30 am on Friday, February 16, 2024

Hosted by the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS)

With major retailers like Apple, H&M, and Zara introducing circular “take-back” programs as part of corporate sustainability strategies, how customers eventually dispose of their products is now front and center from the moment they purchase them. But the success of this fundamental shift in thinking for companies towards a circular economy is mutually dependent. To work, customers must care about returning products through these programs so that they flow back into the production cycle after use.

In a new Journal of Marketing study, Boston University researchers at the Questrom School of Business provide insights into consumer perceptions of take-back programs. The study draws on field data from Fortune 500 companies and eight experiments to understand the impact of these programs on purchase behavior and to what extent consumers value them. This IGS webinar will delve into the key findings of this research and highlight lessons for companies and policymakers in evaluating the effectiveness of these programs for stimulating the circular economy to eliminate waste and help avert climate crisis.

Featuring: IGS core faculty Remi Trudel, Associate Professor, Marketing, Questrom School of Business, Boston University

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