Annual Reports

The Institute for Sustainable Energy is now the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS).

Annual Report | 2021

“Although clearly it was a year like no other, the ISE’s mission and work were, if anything, reinforced by the pandemic as well as the highly visible racial injustice of the last year and the ever more visible effects of climate change. The realization that sustainable energy and climate solutions are at the core of a just and healthy future is now more widely accepted than ever. Despite this difficult year, our work on sustainable energy and water systems, clean mobility, and sustainable financial markets was able to maintain its momentum and, in some cases, even grow.”
— Peter Fox-Penner, Founding Director, Boston University Institute for Sustainble Energy

2021 Highlights

→ $1.28M Total Funding

→ 63 Affiliated Faculty

→ 19 Senior Fellows

→ 11 Published Reports

→ 10,000+ Event Audience

→ 30% Growth Website Visits

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