Watch Now: IGS Student Sustainability Research in Action

Hear from the BU students striving to make a real-world impact towards a more sustainable, equitable future through their research. We’re excited to debut our brand-new video featuring Boston University student sustainability and climate research convened by IGS, produced this fall in partnership with the student-led Real World Productions at the BU College of Communication.

Three inspirational, student-led projects feature BU Campus Climate Lab and independent research supported by the IGS Graduate Student Summer Fellows program. We’re incredibly grateful to all the students involved in making this video for both their impactful research and video storytelling!

“A lot of the times, research and new ideas that change the world come from students. I think this is a great opportunity for students to pursue these new ideas that they may have.” — Claudia V. Diezmartínez Peregrina, 2023 IGS Graduate Student Summer Fellow

Watch Now