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Peter Baehr

Raymond Aron Fellow, IASS

Chair Professor of Social Theory and Fellow of the Center of Asian Pacific Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

BSocSc, PhD, Leicester
CertEd,  Manchester

Peter Baehr is Chair Professor of Social Theory, and Fellow of the Center
of Asian Pacific Studies, at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. He is also
President of the History of Sociology Research Committee, International
Sociological Association. His articles have appeared in such venues as the
American Sociological Review, Archives européennes de sociologie, European
Journal of Political Theory, History and Theory, and Political Theory. His
first book – Caesar and the Fading of the Roman World – was a Choice
Outstanding Book of 1998. His co-edition/translation of the 1905 version
of Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the “Spirit” of Capitalism
(Penguin Classics), was nominated for the Wolff Translation Prize. His
current research centers on the rhetoric of Islamism and Western
governments’ response to it. For more information about Peter Baehr’s
publciations and research areas, visit his Lingnan University homepage.