Spring Semester 2017

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/30 John ZuHone CfA Probing the Plasma Physics and Kinematics of the Intracluster Medium with X-ray Observations and Simulations
2/6 Dr. Cecilia Garraffo CfA Stellar Activity Evolution: Impact on Exoplanets and CV Evolution
2/13 BU Faculty Presentations “Research on Tap” 1 Silber Way, 9th Floor, Trustee Lounge
From Earth Orbit to Distant Galaxies: Space Research at Boston University Please RSVP
Tuesday 2/21 Sarbani Basu Yale How to Peek Inside Stars
2/27 George Ricker MIT Unlocking the Secrets of Nearby Exoplanets with the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite
3/6 *No Seminar* Spring Break
Thursday 3/16 John Stansberry JWST Joint Seminar with CSP
Exploring the Solar System with the James Webb Space Telescope
3/20 Matthew Bayliss MIT Zooming In On the Distant Universe with the Most Highly Magnified Galaxies
3/27 Jonathan Trump UConn The Birth and Growth of Supermassive Black Holes: Coming of Age with Space Telescope Imaging Spectrographs
4/3 Esra Bulbul MIT Clusters of Galaxies: Laboratories for Probing the Interplay between Baryons and Dark Matter
Thursday 4/6 Tyler Bourke SKA Lunch Talk- Rm 500 @ 1:30
The Square Kilometre Array – Science and Status Update
Wednesday 4/19 Gregory Laughlin Yale *CANCELLED*
PoincarĂ©’s Legacy: Predictions on Time Scales Ranging from Milliseconds to Billions of Years
4/24 Jeremy Drake CfA Planets from Cradle to Grave: The Perks and Perils of an Energetic Radiation Diet
5/2 Kelly Blumenthal University of Hawaii Fantastic Clumps and Where to Find Them
Wednesday 5/17 Katie Jameson The Australian National University Molecular Gas and Star Formation at Low Metallicity in the Magellanic Clouds