Spring Semester 2016

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic/Title
1/25/16 Herman Marshall MIT Opening the Field of Soft X-ray Polarimetry
2/1/16 Rachel Lash Maitra Wentworth Institute of Technology Why Quantum Gravity Matters: Quantum Avoidance of the Big Bang Singularity
2/8/16 Michael Nowak MIT Are Black Holes as Simple as They Used to Be?
Tuesday 2/16/16 Atish Kamble CfA Radio Supernovae in the local Universe
2/22/16 Yukitoshi Nishimura UCLA Joint Space Physics Seminar
Solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling through auroral observations
2/29/16 Lorenzo Sironi CfA The Journey of High-Energy Photons in Blazar Jets
Spring Recess 3/7/16 No Seminar
3/14/16 Ian Stephens BU IAR Using the MALT90 Survey to Investigate Chemical Anomalies and to Compare Galactic to Extragalactic Star Formation
3/21/16 Prof. Ramesh Narayan Harvard University Numerical Simulations of Black Hole Accretion
3/28/16 Josep Miquel Girart ICE, Spain Magnetic fields in star forming regions: from dense core to disk scales.
4/4/16 Savvas Koushiappas Brown University Dark matter searches in dwarf galaxies and the case of Reticulum II
4/11/16 James Steiner MIT A NICER View of Spinning Black Holes
Wednesday 4/20/16 Justin Finke Naval Research Laboratory Constraining Intergalactic Radiation and Magnetic Fields with Gamma Ray Observations
4/25/16 Dipankar Maitra Wheaton College Testing Our Understanding of Accretion Physics near Compact Objects: Lessons Learned from the Brief But Violent Outburst of V404 Cygni During 2015 June-July