Spring Semester 2015

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic/Title
Monday, 1/26 Tereasa Brainerd BU The Trouble(s) with Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing
Tuesday, 2/17 Jason Steffen Northwestern The Architectures of Exoplanetary systems with Kepler Data
Monday, 2/23 Daniela Calzetti UMass Star Formation Across Space
Monday, 3/2 Colin Bischoff Center for Astrophysics Detection of B-mode Polarization at Degree Angular Scales using BICEP2
Monday, 3/16 Stella Offner UMass The Impact of Stellar Feedback in Molecular Clouds
Monday, 3/23 Jayne Birkby Center for Astrophysics Exoplanet atmospheres at high resolution
Monday, 3/30 Anna Frebel MIT Hunting the first generations of stars and galaxies
Monday, 4/6 Daniel Eisenstein Harvard Baryon Acoustic Oscillations: A Robust and Precise Route to the Cosmological Distance Scale
Monday, 4/13 Mark Heyer UMass Revisiting Larson’s 1981 Scaling Relationships in Galactic Molecular Clouds
Wednesday, 4/22 James Lowenthal Smith College Chasing Proto-planetary Disks and High-z Galaxies with the LMT
Wednesday, 4/29 Jason Eastman Center for Astrophysics MINERVA: The MINiature Exoplanet Radial Velocity Array