Spring Semester 2014

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic/Title
Monday, 1/27 Ken Brecher BU Do Atoms Really Emit Absorption Line?
Monday, 2/3 Peter Schloerb UMass, Amherst The Large Millimeter Telescope: Recent Progress and New Results
Monday, 2/10 Snezana Stanimirovic Univ of WI, Madison Importance of atomic hydrogen in molecule and star formation
Wednesday, 2/19 John Johnson CfA Hot on the Trail of Warm Planets Orbiting Cool Stars
Monday, 2/24
Bethany Ehlmann Caltech Following the Water on Mars: Roving with Curiosity
Monday, 3/3 Qizhou Zhang CfA How to Make Massive Stars
Monday, 3/17 Joan Najita NOAO and CfA From Planetesimals to Giant Planets: Chemical and Dynamical Probes of Planet Formation
Monday, 3/24 Meredith Hughes Wesleyan Planet Formation through Radio Eyes
Monday, 3/31
Misty Bentz GSU Black Hole Masses in Active Galaxies
Monday, 4/7
Fabian Heitch UNC Molecular Cloud and Star Formation: Why Accretion Matters
Monday, 4/14 Christoph Baranec Caltech CSI-Los Angeles: The Growth of Distant Galaxies and Reionization
Thursday, 4/24 Saurav Dhital Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Wide Stellar Binaries: Coeval Laboratories to Probe “Everything” from Formation to General Relativity
Monday, 4/28 Josh Shiode AAS Tales of an Astrophysicist in Washington, DC