Spring Semester 2010

Date Speaker Title
Monday Jan. 25 Kenneth Janes, Boston University Star Clusters: Studies in Stellar and Galactic Evolution
Monday Feb. 1 Jonathan Foster, Boston University Scattered, Extinguished and Emitted: Three Views of Star-forming Dust
Monday Feb. 8 Peter McCullough, CfA & STScI Discovery and Characterization of Transiting Extrasolar Planets
Tuesday Feb. 16 Crystal Brogan, NRAO Searching for the Secrets of Massive Star Birth
Monday Feb. 22 Margaret Meixner, CfA & STScI The Life Cycle of Matter in the Magellanic Clouds: Insights from the Spitzer Surveys
Monday Mar. 1 Don Figer, RIT Massive Young Star Clusters and the Stellar Upper Mass Limit
Monday Mar. 15 Kim McLeod, Wellesley Probing the Assembly of Massive Galaxies via Quasar Hosts at z=4
Monday Mar. 22 Doug Gies, GSU Transformations in Massive Binary Stars
Monday Mar. 29 Barry Madore, Carnegie The Carnegie Hubble Program: Determining the Hubble Constant to 2%
Monday Apr. 5 Henry Roe, Lowell Titan’s Methane Weather
Monday Apr. 12 Kevin Covey, Cornell The Origin and Evolution of Stellar Spin