Spring Semester 2007

Date Speaker Title
Tuesday Jan 23 Justin Kasper, MIT Breaking the Ionospheric Barrier: The Mileura Wide-field Array and the Return of Low Frequency Radio Astronomy
Tuesday Jan 30 Elizabeth Blanton, Boston University IAR Radio Sources in Clusters of Galaxies: Impact on the ICM and Probes of High-z Systems
Tuesday Feb 6 Karl Gordon, University of Arizona Spitzer Observations of the Aromatic Features: New Insights from Spectroscopy and Imaging
Tuesday Feb 13 Adam Burgasser, MIT Substellar Noir: Brown Dwarf Binaries and the Mystery of the L/T
Tuesday Feb 20 Monday Class Schedule, No Seminar
Tuesday Feb 27 Bob Rood, University of Virginia The Nature of Technological Civilizations: How to Search for Unicorns
Tuesday Mar 6 Bob Benjamin, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Infrared Galactic Cartography: Constraints on the Stellar Disk, Bar, and Spiral Arms
Tuesday Mar 13 No Seminar (Spring Break)
Tuesday Mar 20 Geoffrey Landis, NASA Glenn Research Center Three Years on Mars: the Mars Exploration Rovers Mission
Tuesday Mar 27 David Helfand, Columbia University MAGPIS: Finding Magnetars, Dark Accelerators, and Other Shiny Trinkets in a Galactic Plane Radio Survey
Tuesday Apr 3 Brian Chaboyer, Dartmouth College The Space Interferometry Mission: Parallaxes, Planets & More
Tuesday Apr 10 Kevin Marvel, Executive Officer, American Astronomical Society Astronomy and the FY 2008 Budget
Wednesday Apr 11 Martin J. Rees, Cambridge University Scanning Cosmological Horizons
Tuesday Apr 17 David Charbonneau, Center for Astrophysics The Era of Comparative Exoplanetology
Monday Apr 23 Jim Heasley, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii The Pan-STARRS Project
Tuesday Apr 24 Steve Snowden, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center The diffuse X-ray background: from Earth’s exosphere to the edge of the Universe
Tuesday May 1 Maxim Markevitch, Center for Astrophysics Novel methods of measuring some interesting properties of
intergalactic gas in clusters