Fall Semester 2018

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
9/17 Planet Formation through Radio Eyes Meredith Hughes Wesleyan University
10/1 The Gaia Revolution in Pre-Main Sequence Stars and Star Clusters Lynne Hillenbrand California Institute of Technology
10/15 Steps to the Polarization Horizon John Dickey University of Tasmania
10/29 Processing in the Group Environment and the Coming Radio Revolution Kelley Hess ASTRON Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
11/12 Exploring Planet Formation in the Nearest Known Protoplanetary Disks Joel Kastner Rochester Institute of Technology
11/26 Linking Protoplanetary Disc Structures to Interactions with Companions James Owen Imperial College London
12/10 MYStIX: A new look at clustered star formation Eric Feigelson Penn State