Fall Semester 2017

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
Thursday 9/14 Joint Seminar with CSP
Exploration, Astrobiology, and Planetary Protection
Catharine Conley NASA HQ
9/18 Joint Seminar with CSP
Equity and Inclusion in STEM: What’s Stopping Us?
Meg Urry Yale
9/25 PoincarĂ©’s Legacy: Predictions on Time Scales Ranging from Milliseconds to Billions of Years Gregory Laughlin Yale
10/2 Observational Clues of Black Hole Accretion from the Tidal Disruption of Stars Peter Maksym CfA
Tuesday 10/10 Kinematics of Parsec-Scale Jets of Gamma-Ray Blazars within the VLBA-BU-BLAZAR Program Svetlana Jorstad BU
10/16 Dusty Star Forming Galaxies in the Distant Universe Allison Kirkpatrick Yale
10/23 The Cosmic Life Cycle of Massive Galaxies Katherine Whitaker UConn
A New Measurement of the Expansion Rate of the Universe, Evidence of New Physics? Adam Riess STSCI
11/6 Hunting for Exomoons and other Cool Worlds David Kipping Columbia
11/13 Observing the Evolution of Solids in Protoplanetary Disks Sean Andrews CfA
11/20 **CANCELLED**
Journey to the center of the Galaxy: Following Gas Accretion from Hundreds of Parsecs to the Black Hole
Elisabeth Mills Boston University
11/27 Is Hierarchical Merging Broken? Charles Steinhardt Niels Bohr Institute
12/4 Spiral Structure of the Milky Way and other galaxies Mark Reid CfA
12/11 Seeing Galaxies as Collections of Stars Jason Kalirai STScI