Fall Semester 2015

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic/Title
9/7/15 Labor Day
9/14/15 Elizabeth McGrath Colby College Massive Quiescent Disks in the Early Universe
9/21/15 Catherine Espaillat Boston University Tracking Planet Footprints in Dusty Disks
9/28/15 Leslie Rogers UC Berkeley / University of Chicago Origins and Demographics of Super-Earth and Sub-Neptune Sized Planets
10/5/15 Lia Corrales MIT The Dust Scattering Halo of Cygnus X-3
Tuesday, 10/13/15 Bryce Croll BU Multiwavelength Observations of Disintegrating Transiting Planets & Planetesimals
Valentin Pillet & Thomas Rimmele National Solar Observatory Joint Seminar with CSP
Why Solar Physics needs a 4m-class solar-telescope? The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope and its capabilities
10/26/15 Ilsedore Cleeves Harvard/CfA Fire and Ice: The Role of Energetic Processes in the Cold Chemistry of Planet-forming Circumstellar Disks
11/2/15 Anna Pancoast Harvard/CfA Revealing the Hidden Broad Line Region in AGN Using Reverberation MappingTBD
11/9/15 Danilo Marchesini Tufts The Growth of Today’s Most Massive Galaxies over the last 12.8 Gyr of Cosmic History
11/16/15 Blakesley Burkhart Harvard/CfA The Origins and Implications of Turbulence in Galaxies
11/23/15 Karin Oberg Harvard University The Chemistry of Planet Formation
11/30/15 Ryan Hickox Dartmouth College Uncovering the Hidden Growth of Supermassive Black Holes
12/7/15 Mariska Kriek Berkeley Reconstructing the Formation Histories of Massive Galaxies