Fall Semester 2012

Date Speaker Title
Monday, 9/10 Shep Doeleman, Haystack Observatory The Event Horizon Telescope: Observing Black Holes with Schwarzschild Radius Resolution
Monday, 9/17 Doug Finkbeiner, Harvard University, CfA The Galactic center 130 GeV line: WIMP or artifact?
Friday, 9/21 Heather Knutson, Caltech Beyond Hot Jupiters: Exploring the Diversity of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Monday, 9/24 Jay Lockman, NRAO How to make a Milky Way: the continuing story
Monday, 10/1 Dave Latham, CfA Super Earths and Life
Monday, 10/15 Daryl Haggard, Northwestern University Feedback Large and Small: Multi-Epoch Constraints on AGN Outflows
Monday, 10/22 James Ulvestad, NSF AST Director Opportunities and Challenges in Federal Ground-Based Astronomy
Monday, 10/29 Andrew West, BU What can Large Samples of Low-Mass Stars tell us about the Galaxy, the Habitability of Exoplanets and the evolution of Stellar Dynamos
Monday, 11/5 Jane Rigby, GSFC/JWST The James Webb Space Telescope and Active Galactic Nuclei
Monday, 11/12 John Vaillancourt, USRA/SOPHIA The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy: Status and Recent Science Highlights
Monday, 11/19 Riccardo Giovanelli, Cornell The Submillimeter CCAT Telescope: as High as You Can Drive a Truck
Monday, 11/26 Bill Saturno, Boston University Department of Archaeology Keeping Time with the Cosmos: The Role of Astronomy in 8th Century Maya Society
Monday, 12/03 Mark Reid, CfA Measuring the Cosmos
Monday, 12/10 Loren Anderson, WVU Massive Star Formation in the Era of Herschel and WISE