Fall Semester 2008

Date Speaker Title
Tuesday Sept. 9 Alan Marscher, BU/IAR Probing Deeply Into the Inner Jets of Blazars
Tuesday Sept. 16 No Colloquium
Tuesday Sept. 23 Soren Meibom, Center for Astrophysics The Rotational Evolution of Low-Mass Stars
Tuesday Sept. 30 No Colloquium
Tuesday Oct. 7 Max Tegmark, MIT New Clues About Inflation, Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Tuesday Oct. 14 No Colloquium
Tuesday Oct. 21 Lisa Prato, Lowell Observatory Young Planets in Visible and Infrared Light: Spots’ Tricks
Tuesday Oct. 28 Jason Wright, Cornell University TBA
Tuesday Nov. 4 Elliot Horch, Southern Connecticut State University Fainter and Closer: New High-Resolution Imaging Capabilities at the
WIYN Telescope
Tuesday Nov. 18 Dava Sobel, Author Joint IAR/CSP Seminar: The Drama of Copernicus: How He Was Convinced to Publish his Crazy Idea
Tuesday Nov. 25 Gerritt Verschuur, University of Memphis Intermediate and High-Velocity “Clouds” A New Look at an Old Problem
Tuesday Dec. 2 Ellen Zweibel, University of Wisconsin The Origin and Evolution of Astrophysical Magnetic Fields
Tuesday Dec. 9 Tim Beers, Michigan State University SEGUE-1, SEGUE-2, and the Future of Large Scale Surveys of the Galaxy