O&M at BU

With generous funding from the Teagle Foundation, the Center is currently developing The One and the Many at BU, a summer program designed to encourage interest in the humanities among local high school students.

Our 2021 curriculum, Social Movements and Social Change, brings students from the Boston area together with BU faculty to learn about the history and maintenance of civic life and democracy. The daily seminars and tutorials draw on literary texts, films, music, political writings, historical documents, visual art, and other cultural works.

Because O&M at BU is designed to foster college readiness, community participation, and social engagement, a varied sequence of afternoon and evening events complements the academic curriculum: a speaker series about the college process; an array of recreational activities; evening film screenings; and our Food Justice workshop series.

The summer 2021 curriculum will be taught by:

Paula Austin (Assistant Professor of History and African American Studies)
Marisa Milanese (Master Lecturer in the College of Arts & Sciences Writing Program)
James Uden (Associate Professor of Classical Studies)

Read more about our summer 2021 faculty and staff.

The BU Center for the Humanities is proud to partner with Boston Summer Search and the Teagle Foundation on O&M at BU. The summer 2021 students will all be participating members of Boston Summer Search’s program.

Further information about the summer 2021 program and schedule can be found here.