Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy: Self-Knowledge and Self-Ignorance

  • Starts: 10:00 am on Saturday, September 18, 2021
  • Ends: 5:20 pm on Saturday, September 18, 2021
To register and receive access to the papers, send an email to: The workshop provides speakers with an opportunity to receive constructive feedback on work in progress. Papers are distributed in advance and should be read prior to the workshop. At the workshop, the participants give brief summaries of their papers; this is followed by an hour of discussion per paper. 10:00am-11:20am Paul Katsafanas (BU) "Irony, Affirmation, and the Appeal of Inarticulacy" 11:30am-12:50pm Matthew Boyle (Chicago) "Sartre on Bodily Transparency" 1:00-2:30 Lunch Break 2:30pm-3:50pm Francey Russell (Barnard/Columbia) "The Value of Self-Opacity" 4:00pm-5:20pm Richard Moran (Harvard) "Self-Consciousness and Self-Division in Moral Psychology"
745 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 625
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