HumaniTeas are afternoon undergraduate gatherings where students with common interests come together with distinguished faculty, who share personal stories about embarking on a career in the humanities. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated that we cancel our final spring 2020 HumaniTeas, scheduled to feature Professor Hannah Čulík-Baird (CL). We look forward to resuming our HumaniTeas programming when it is once again safe to gather in person.

Past HumaniTeas Guests

Spring 2020

  • Professor Roberta Micallef (WLL & WGS)

Fall 2019

  • Professor James Johnson (History) – Professor Johnson discussed his multifaceted career as a historian and musician and reflected on how his two disciplines inform each other.

Spring 2019

  • Professor Greg Williams (History of Art & Architecture) – Professor Williams talked about how his curatorial work in the art world informs his work as a professor now.
  • Professor Alexis Peri (History) – Professor Peri detailed her journey through different occupations and her experience as a first-generation college student attending graduate school and going on to become a professor.

Fall 2018

  • Professor Sasha Nikolaev (Linguistics & Classical Studies) – Professor Nikolaev described his experience in both the European and US education systems and how these affected his decision to ultimately study Linguistics.
  • Professor Louis Chude-Sokei (African American Studies & English) – Professor Chude-Sokei discussed his path to academia and how his interdisciplinary interests have converged in his research.

Spring 2018

  • Professor Jennifer Knust (Religion, WGS) – Professor Knust described her complex relationship to her own religious upbringing and how this was reconciled with her eventual study of Religion as an academic discipline.
  • Professor Christopher Ricks (Core Curriculum, Editorial Institute) – Professor Ricks spoke about his experience in a British boarding school and the formative teachers with contrary perspectives on interpreting literature who helped to shape his own approach to scholarship and teaching.
  • Professor Anna Henchman (English) — Professor Henchman detailed her journey through different occupations, and how she learned to ask on the point of committing to a vocation whether the profession and the people in it were helping her to express her best self.