Rex Mizruchi-Bercovitch

Rex Mizruchi-Bercovitch was found in the middle of a highway in Marksville, Louisiana trying to pry a piece of chicken from a 100-degree pavement with the cars racing by. According to the Good Samaritan Melanie, from Cenla, the Dog rescue organization,  she expected the starving dog to snarl when she pulled him away from his food source but he licked her instead. Rex’s paws were so worn away (Melanie thinks he may have trekked all the way from New Orleans) that he could barely walk. Like another New Orleans personage, Blanche Du Bois, Rex apparently survived by “depending on the kindness of strangers.” Two years later a bona fide Brookline dog, Rex has become the King his name destined him to be. It turns out that he has a gift for all kinds of ball playing, from futebol and baseball to volleyball and basketball. You can find him at neighborhood parks like Amory leaping in the air to retrieve a squeaky kong to the amazement of onlookers. Archival research on the part of his friends Christine D’Auria and Robert Kilpatrick reveals that he is probably at least part Catahoula Leopard—the State dog of Louisiana. Whatever his breed, with his shiny black coat, cream colored paws, and charisma, Rex is a charmer.


Luna and Clementine Kinney-Kobre

Luna (alias Lunatic) was sourced from a shelter on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio, about 25 miles from Pittsburgh. Hannah, being insane, decided to drive half an hour to “take a look at her” and then was strong-armed by the overcrowded shelter into taking her home. In spite of the fact she was shaking like a leaf at the shelter and also happens to be a mother, Luna is a complete goof. She loves careening from one side of the apartment to the other while making Marge Simpson-alike GRRRMMMM noises, destroying the newly purchased couch, and following you from room to room serenading you with her incredibly loud voice. She gets away with all of this because she is very soft and beautiful.

Clementine, Hannah’s vacation home cat, lives in North Carolina and can only squeak instead of meow. She loves being as close to you as possible at all times, trotting after you like a dog, and eating any carbs that are left out. If Luna is a Veronica, Clementine is a Betty. Hannah, the Archie in this dynamic, is–like Archie!– inexplicably lucky to have the affections of both creatures. 

Stella Devlin

Stella Devlin is a sweet southern lady who made her home in Massachusetts after coming all the way from Georgia, where she was found in a dumpster. Due to some clever marketing strategy on the part of the Salem Animal Rescue Staff, she was declared a labrador retriever, although subsequent years have shown that she is most likely distantly related to a lab (at best). While her lineage remains unknown, Stella has made a new family here in Massachusetts. She can be found taking long walks (sometimes on the beach) or generally gravitating towards the room with the most people in it.


Thank you to our friends in the BU Philosophy Department for the idea of including pets in the community! We just learned that they, in turn, were inspired by our colleagues in the Core Curriculum.