David Carballo

Assistant Provost for General Education

David Carballo is Assistant Provost for General Education and Associate Professor of Archaeology, Anthropology, and Latin American Studies. In his role as Assistant Provost, David works to foster further curricular development of the Hub, guiding its continued evolution by leading the groups responsible for evaluation and review, and collaborating with faculty and staff across the University. David co-chairs the General Education Committee of the University Council and serves as chair of the BU Hub Council, the faculty committee charged with the Hub’s ongoing assessment and with making adjustments to its requirements, outcomes, and policies.

By training, David is an archaeologist who studies the cultures of the Precolumbian Americas, specializing particularly in topics of urbanism, households, and religion in early central Mexico. Ongoing research at the ancient metropolis of Teotihuacan involves close collaboration with researchers from Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) and local communities. David came to BU in 2010 and has served as Director of the Archaeology Program and on the Executive Committee of the Center for Latin American Studies. He earned his MA and PhD in Anthropology from UCLA, his BA in Political Science from Colgate University.