Life Skills: Health & Wellness

Here you will find Life Skills courses, workshops, and activities related to health and wellness to support you in making decisions that contribute to your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

BU Roots (Behavioral Medicine)
New to BU? Find confidential support during this exciting and challenging time of adjustment.

Building a Stronger You (Behavioral Medicine)
Boost your ability to manage a range of emotions and build a stronger you.

International Students Support Group (Behavioral Medicine)
Join other international students in a confidential space to learn about the cultural adjustment process and share resources to enhance your experiences at BU.

Managing Anxiety (Behavioral Medicine)
Improve your skills for managing and living with stress and anxiety.

Men’s Support Group (Behavioral Medicine)
Join other men and male-identified students to learn and talk about academic stress, friendship, social difficulties, self-care, and intimacy.

Mindfulness Meditation (Behavioral Medicine)
Learn Koru mindfulness to help you reduce stress, increase mental and physical wellness, and make decisions guided by your inner wisdom.

Navigating Relationships (Behavioral Medicine)
Enhance your skills for handling all types of relationships such as communication styles, negotiation, setting boundaries, active listening, and validation.

Seniors Support Group (Behavioral Medicine)
Join other graduating seniors to talk about worries and concerns related to graduation, such as saying goodbye to college, and how to navigate the transition into life after BU.

Terriers Connect (Behavioral Medicine)
Get trained to support students in distress by learning warning signs, effective communication skills, and how to refer students to mental health professionals on campus.

Women’s Support Group (Behavioral Medicine)
Join other women and female-identified students to learn and talk about work/life balance, self-care, academic stress, friendship, and intimacy.

LEAD BU (Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation)
Build collegiate resilience, emotional agility, academic self-efficacy, and interpersonal relationships.

CFA Stress Relievers (CFA)
Each semester, the CFA Dean’s Office host a stress reliever event for all CFA students. Students are invited to reset and relax through an assortment of activities. Representatives from BU Wellness & Prevention are on hand with stress relief kits and self-care packages.

PDP NT 102: Nutritional Essentials (Fitness & Recreation Center/Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Learn how to assess your individual nutrition needs, and develop the knowledge and skills to achieve your personal health and nutrition goals.

PDP NT 104: Healthy Cooking on a Budget (Fitness & Recreation Center/Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Learn how to stock a healthy kitchen, plan healthy meals, and master basic cooking skills.

Nutrition Counseling (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
All BU students are eligible for one or more individual counseling sessions with a registered dietitian at no charge.

Nutrition Seminars (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Request custom nutrition seminars for clubs, teams, RAs, sororities, fraternities, and other student groups.

Nutrition Workshop Series: Advanced Meal Planning (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Develop a customized plan of eating including meal timing, dining out, and convenience foods.

Nutrition Workshop Series: Budget-friendly Meal Planning (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Learn how to plan healthy, balanced meals at affordable prices to maximize nutrition and your budget.

Nutrition Workshop Series: Meal Planning 1-2-3 (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Learn how to calculate your own unique energy needs, and use meal planning tools to customize meals and snacks.

Nutrition Workshop Series: Stocking a Healthy Kitchen (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Learn tips and tricks for shopping, storing, and stretching your weekly food purchases.

Nutrition Workshop Series: Thoughtful Eating (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Develop thoughtful eating strategies to nourish yourself with health-promoting foods while enjoying your favorite treats along the way.

Sex is Like Pizza (Sexual Assault Response & Prevention)
Build consent and communication skills by constructing a mutually enjoyable pizza with a partner(s).

Step Up Step in BU (SUSIBU) (Sexual Assault Response & Prevention)
Get trained in how to be a pro-social bystander and safely intervene in situations that may lead to harmful outcomes like sexual assault.

Alcohol Education Class  (Wellness & Prevention Services)
Learn tips and tricks for safer drinking and how to support other Terriers.

Alcohol Program for Student Groups (Wellness & Prevention Services)
Let your student group know how to party smart with this peer-led and interactive education program.

Cannabis Education Class (Wellness & Prevention Services)
Learn about the latest research and explore your personal choices with cannabis.

Reset: Resiliency Workshop (Wellness & Prevention Services)
Hear from other Terriers about how to bounce back, even when things get tough. Learn action steps for responding to feelings of failure and resources for building resiliency.

Sex in the Dark (Wellness & Prevention Services)
Ask anonymous questions about sexual health and relationships at this Q&A panel that’s literally in the dark.

Wellness Fair (Wellness & Prevention Services)
Learn about campus health resources, promoting mental health, and supporting fellow students.

Related Resources

Sargent Choice Healthy Food and Education Program (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Find out how the Sargent Choice program makes it easy to eat well on campus.

Sargent Choice Test Kitchen (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Dr. Karen Jacobs invites students of all majors into her home on BU’s campus each week to cook up a recipe developed by the SCNC.

Thoughtful Eating Toolkit (Sargent Choice Nutrition Center)
Use our Thoughtful Eating Toolkit to develop the knowledge and tools to make thoughtful decisions about what, when, and how much to eat.

eCheckup to Go for Alcohol (Wellness & Prevention Services)
This is an anonymous quiz that gives students feedback about their drinking.

eCheckup to Go for Marijuana (Wellness & Prevention Services)
This is an anonymous quiz that gives students feedback about their use of marijuana.

Wellness Kits (Wellness & Prevention Services)
Find free resources and tools to help you sleep, de-stress, prevent the flu, or party smart.