Diversity, Civic Engagement, and Global Citizenship

In our globally connected world made up of complex, diverse communities, BU graduates will need to find their places in a community, to work and live with people whose experiences and perspectives differ from their own, and to think through the ethical challenges they will face over a lifetime.

BU’s founders envisioned an institution that fostered opportunity for people of every race, class, religion, and gender. From early on, BU has recruited students from around the globe and sent its alumni to every corner of the earth. Building on these commitments to inclusion, the Hub prepares students to engage with peoples and cultures abroad and within one’s local community, and with struggles for social justice. These learning outcomes take advantage of BU’s broad range of language programs and study abroad options, and abundant coursework in literature and the arts, cultures, societies, public issues, and development challenges of societies worldwide. They foster engagement with the city of Boston as well as our own diverse campus, which both offer many opportunities to learn from our neighbors and to appreciate and value complex social environments.

Students are required to fulfill four units in this capacity:

  • The Individual in Community (1 unit)
  • Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy (2 units)
  • Ethical Reasoning (1 unit)
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The Individual in Community

The ability to accept individual responsibility toward multiple communities, and to work as engaged members of diverse communities, is essential to all aspects of life in the 21st century.

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Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy

Our world is interlinked socially, economically, culturally, and politically.

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Ethical Reasoning

What should we care about? How should we behave in our personal, civic, and professional lives? Do laws have a moral basis?

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