HRPI Spring 2024 Meeting

The spring 2024 HRPI Member Meeting was filled with top tier insights on the future of work:
• Debbie Lovich, Managing Director & Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group, shared innovative research on the benefits of cultivating joy in the workplace across generations and job structures.
• Tracy Keogh facilitated our member roundtable of hot HR topics.
• Connie Noonan Hadley led a thought provoking brainstorming session for HRPI’s forthcoming future of work research initiative.
• Susan Podlogar, EVP & CHRO at MetLife, highlighted how her organization has pioneered a boundaryless approach to HR to cultivate a culture of employee care.
• Mitchell Stevens, an organizational sociologist at Stanford, illustrated how trends in higher education and professional credentialing are transforming the talent marketplace.
• Charles Tharp unpacked recent legal developments for noncompete agreements, human capital metric disclose, and moonshot executive compensation awards.
• Stephanie Franklin, CHRO at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and Arielle Kristan, Partner at Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP, revealed strategies to prioritize and maintain effective DEI programs and policies in a climate of increased legal scrutiny.
HRPI Research Worksheet Key Takeaways 

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