HRPI Steering Committee Chair Lisa Buckingham Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article where Lisa Buckingham, HRPI Steering Committee Chair and Ellig Group President, discusses the recent trend of severance negotiations in the technology industry.


Among the incentives for companies to accommodate a worker who has been laid off are nondisparagement and nondisclosure agreements, says Lisa Buckingham, a former human-resources executive who is president of Ellig Group, a leadership advisory and executive search firm. She says companies are wary of the potential for employees to make the circumstances of their exits public or to post complaints about their treatment on LinkedIn or Twitter that could damage companies’ brands. “Social media is changing the game,” says Ms. Buckingham, who is based in Philadelphia.

Companies hope they will be in hiring mode again before long, and might want or need to hire some people back when the economy improves. They don’t want current employees getting wind of less-than-favorable departures because it is bad for morale.

On the employee side, what has unfolded at Twitter Inc. in recent months has served as a “shock and awe” reminder that anything can happen, Ms. Buckingham says. Since Elon Musk bought the social-media platform in October, he pared the staff to roughly 2,000 employees from almost 8,000.

“The employee is becoming much wiser,” she says.

Read the full article here.

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